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Experience a microburst of clean in-between. Sonicare AirFloss is specially designed to give you an easy, effective way to clean interproximally. It features microburst technology that delivers microdroplets of air and water to remove plaque biofilm between teeth, and it's proven safe and gentle on gums and teeth. With one-button functionality and a guidance tip that ensures targeted cleaning interproximally, patients using Sonicare AirFloss can quickly clean the entire mouth in just 60 seconds. Sonicare AirFloss has been through meticulous clinical validation and adheres to the Philips Sonicare standards of performance and safety requirements. With Sonicare AirFloss, interdental cleaning has just been reinvented.

AirFloss Nozzles

The slim, angled AirFloss nozzles provide easy access to all areas of the mouth. The guidance tip ensures proper nozzle placement and cleaning between all teeth in just 60 seconds. For optimal results, replace nozzle every six months.