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The fluoride toothpaste people prefer

The only way a fluoride toothpaste can be effective is if patients use it consistenly. Fluoridex offers the same look, taste and feel of the most popular consumer brand toothpastes. Fluoridex toothpaste provides four times more fluoride versus non-prescription, over-the-counter toothpaste for superior defense against cavities. Fluoride inhibits demineralization and bacterial activity, which prevents and controls tooth decay. It also provides greater enamel resistance and enhances remineralization.

Fluoridex is preferred nearly 2 to 1 when people tested Fluoridex against its professional fluoride competitors. They preferred Fluoridex in the areas of taste, consistency and foaming. After rinsing, patients still preferred the way their mouth felt after using Flouridex. Flouridex features a gel formula that has the consistency and flavor of broadly popular over-the-counter brands. Switching and compliance is easier for patients because Flouridex tastes and feels more like the toothpastes they already use.